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Responsible Brand Carui
PEACE OF MIND At Carui we are first and foremost a responsible brand, for people and planet. Responsible for people, because all our productions are made in a small number of local artisan ateliers that we consider to be part of our family. We know their names, their techniques, their workspaces, their conditions. We know the love they put into every single Carui piece, and we give that love back, paying them fairly. Responsible for planet, because every product is thought, designed and made to minimize its environmental impact. We are not a vegan brand, we are not quite a sustainable brand, but we think sustainably. That’s why we only work with locally sourced bio-leather, skins that reuse waste from the livestock industry (in an upcycling process), that use only natural products in their tanning process and that because of that are fully biodegradable (know more about our materials). In addition, all our fabrics are leftovers that we source in some of the finest and most responsible manufacturers in the region. Above all, we are transparent about our manufacturing process, so that you can acquire our products with total piece of mind about their impact on people and planet.

Timeless & eternal When creating at Carui, we aim for timelessness. All our pieces have an identity that does not obey trends, but favor delicate, contemporary and architectural forms, hence remaining contemporary. We see each piece as a member of our family, evolving and gaining personality with its use, but unique from the very beginning. All our pieces are numbered and produced in limited quantities. But our pieces must also endure the test of time, so we aim for the highest quality possible. That is why we work only with the finest materials and the craftiest ateliers, and all our products are fully and proudly made in Portugal. We draw from the cumulated experience throughout centuries of working with leather and crafting high quality items to give our products a life that crosses multiple generations. By delivering this, we remain consistent with our purpose of minimizing our impact by providing customers with the most possible conscious purchase – a long lasting one
Versatility Each Carui piece was designed to be part of your life (and hence an extension of yourself) in as many occasions as possible. Therefore, all models bet on functional and comfortable solutions, without ever neglecting aesthetics, so that you can transition among different settings and uses (being work, leisure, or a more laid-back party) without having to change bags. Additionally, we favor earthly colors and tones, timeless yet contemporary, that infuse our pieces with an organic quality that lets them be noticed without standing out. Because more than selling you something, we strive to make our products as relevant as possible for you so that you get the most of your investment in a Carui piece.

Accessibility We decided to start Carui because we wanted to be able to be more conscious and responsible in the bags we bought for ourselves, and although there was already some offer of responsible/sustainable products in the market, they either didn’t fully deliver what they promised or they were simply too expensive (both for us and for the majority of consumers). Hence, every Carui piece is developed to meet two key conditions: we must pay our suppliers fairly, but we must also be able to sell a high quality, long-lasting, responsible product at a reasonable price. To make this equation work and make Carui accessible to as many people as possible, we operate with smaller margins for our brand, but that is a challenge we are willing to tackle every day. Because if we are not accessible, we will not have customers. And without our customers, we would be making this journey alone… and that would be pointless.
Versatility Carui

this is our commitment.

We work every day to stay true to these words.
Let us know if we are not fulfilling our promise (or how we can even go further) by writing us an email.

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