Materials Carui
Materials Carui
These bags are made from sustainable practices and materials that make each difference and supposed “imperfection” into the added value of a product that is unique. We speak of a difference that gives it exclusivity and that reflects the work of the artisans who dedicated themselves to creating this piece, as if it were the only one, with time and passion. It is very important for us that every customer who adds a Carui bag to her family, understands how it was made, what its benefits are and why we consider ourselves a responsible brand. These are the details that make our pieces special and our brand true and unique.

At Carui we only use skins that reuse waste from the livestock industry, in an upcycling process. In addition, we work with bio-leathers, this means that:
  • the skins are tanned with tannins extracted from trees (mimosas, wattles, quebracho, among other), polymers and modified glutamic aldehyde. The fact that it contains extremely minute amounts of metals, allows to almost eliminate pollution from the manufacturing process and allows the skin to keep characteristics akin to organic matter. This allows that, at the end of its life, the skin can fully disintegrate in up to 15 days according to the ISO 20200: 2004 standard (which determines the degree of disintegration under composting conditions);
  • we do not use the tanning chromium-based process commonly used by the leather industry deprives the skin from its organic capabilities (preventing its decomposition) while generating variable quantities of harmful byproducts such as iron, copper, zinc, lead, cadmium, nickel, cobalt, pesticides and the well-known chromium;
  • by being 100% biodegradable, our skins are anti-allergic and contribute to the prevention of skin diseases, which is why they are especially suitable for people who are more sensitive and / or have skin problems; and
  • additionally, our manufacturing process only generates compostable solid waste, which can then be used as a fertilizer, completing its cycle back to nature.

Our skins are fully tanned in Portugal and deliver a very high level of quality, with an average thickness of 14-16 mm (roughly 50% above market standards) giving the pieces greater stability and an increased ability to maintain its shape, ultimately allowing them to last longer.
We would also like to highlight the upcycling process through which we select and incorporate our fabrics. All fabrics used at Carui are chosen amongst existing leftovers of previous productions of some of the finest Portuguese fabrics’ manufacturers. To maximize the efficiency of its usage we not only use the same fabric in as many items as possible, including our linings, organizers and our range of accessories; but we also cut fabrics use every single inch, avoid as much waste as possible (giving each piece a unique look). Additionally, we extend this way of thinking to all the other materials that come with our products, including our labels, tags and packaging; for which we work with as little as possible, and whenever possible use recycled paper or cardboard. And as our responsibility also depends on how we treat our goods, we ask our customers to value each piece they buy. We know that use gives it personality, reflecting your experiences and imprinting your signature forever, so don’t forget to preserve it so you can pass it on to following generations. To make it easier, we leave you with some recommendations:
  • avoid contact with water, oily substances, perfumes or make-up, as the skin may become stained. If, eventually, you cannot avoid it, do not rub it and simply try to absorb it with a white cloth;
  • to avoid stains, do not pick up the bag immediately after applying moisturizers or disinfectant gels;
  • avoid direct exposure to the sun, bright lights or heat sources, as the skin loses elasticity and may become damaged;
  • we also advise against the use of any non-specific product for cleaning and hydrating these types of materials, since it can damage and leave marks on the skin;
  • we recommend that when you are not using your bag, to store it in its original cloth bag, thus avoiding dust, light and contact with other materials;

We created the object, but life, memory and legacy begin the moment it leaves our home and reaches yours. Build for life.
Materials Carui Materials Carui

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